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Orovita International


What is Orovita?

Discover the oil that improves your life

Orovita laboratories have been carrying out an exhaustive research for more than 10 years on the attributes of pure olive oil. Its benefits and positive effects on health are associated with the chemical properties of gold, the noble metal. Through an innovative technique, Orovita laboratories have achieved their goal of creating a 100% natural product, extra virgin olive oil certified organic, vegan, not tested on animals and non-allergenic, which provides remarkable health benefits.

At Orovita we make aromatherapy massage products by mixing oils that improve your life. The composition of our oil helps to ease the pain and to improve physical recovery and, due to its treatment with gold, it is rapidly absorbed through the skin.



Discover what Orovita products can do for you.

Preparation for athletes

Fewer injuries, higher performance

Athletes can use it to warm up before starting sports activity. It helps to relax the muscles by providing them with flexibility, and thus avoid stretching or blocking problems, and elasticity, thereby prevent injuries and muscle strains caused by sports.

Recover faster

Get ready for your next workout

Orovita oil accelerates your recovery, treating directly tense muscles after practising sport and preparing you for your next workout. All kinds of athletes, runners, cyclists and those who practice Crossfit around the world already enjoy the benefits that Orovita brings.

Orovita accelerates recovery from muscle injuries

Be ready to get back to normal life as soon as possible

Orovita oil helps to speed recovery from bumps and muscle injuries. For example, the product can help to regain mobility after suffering a strain, a sprain and other injuries affecting muscles and ligaments.

Instructions for use: apply to the affected area two to three times a day, with a gentle massage.

Orovita relieves chronic ailments

Improve your lifestyle

This product helps relieve pains caused by arthritis, osteoporosis and other age-related pains. Elderly people often have joint problems in their knees: the use of our oil improves their mobility and reduces the pain.

Orovita delays ageing

Defy the years

Orovita oil favors cell regeneration and protects them from premature ageing. It is one of the most effective moisturisers and it tackles skin dryness. It is a substance with a high capacity to repair damaged skin tissues, and that is how it helps to treat many skin pathologies. It is recommended to accelerate the recovery of wounds, marks and scars.